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Season Fibers

FW17 Season fibers

Clothing Collection

49% Organic Cotton

Cotton without toxic pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds. Pure at its core.

20% Lyocell

Coming from eucalyptus cellulose. Lightweight and tender to the skin.

17% Recycled Polyester

Plastic bottles melted, spun and woven into fabric. Waste has never looked so good.

6% Ramie

Ancient, strong, natural and lustrous.

5% Hemp

A top fiber used for centuries . Breathable, resistant and organically grown, using less water and soil nutrients.

3% Linen

Cultivated with less pesticides. Durable, soft and fast growing.

Accesories Collection

26% Recycled leather

A second life for leather scraps, less garbage in the landfills.

10% Organic Cotton Canvas

A non-polluting alternative to traditional cotton with a soft touch and positive impact on small farmers.