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Fair conditions

SKFK x Chetna team

You get what you give. We want to care for the people we work with and generate value for them, at every step of the way.

Through the Chetna Coalition (Chetco), SKFK pledges to buy organic cotton, one year in advance, from a cooperative of small farmers located into the Odisha, Maharashtra and Telangana states of India. The price paid is a fair one, and the long-term commitment reduces economic pressure on more than 35,000 farmers.

SKFK x Chetna team working

Because Chetco is composed of various ethical fashion brands, the demand is high and the favourable conditions are convincing more farmers to switch their cotton production to an organic one, safeguarding their health as well as ours.

Cotton plant picture

For all these reasons, SKFK is certified to use the FAIRTRADE Cotton label.