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The future is now


Using the textile waste we generate into new garments and new ways of garment use.


Placing ourselves out of the box and into the future of fashion. We want to give our garments a longer life while reducing senseless consumerism.

Who wouldn't want to have a basic wardrobe while having access to many different garments on a regular basis?

By doing so we change the rules of fashion consumption while reducing the negative impact. Please join us!

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Post consumer fibers

We are on our way to becoming fully circular to some extent. Our in store garment collection program in collaboration with Koopera, takes any garment anyone wishes to discard.

Then through a complex process they are separated by fiber, shredded and spun again into woven yarn or knit into fabric and manufactured by us into a new garment, thus closing the loop ourselves.


Waste nothing. Creative reuse gives a second chance to non-repairable garments while minimizing the impact and transforming it into something better.

We collaborate with individuals and brands such as Anuscas Family, Upcycling BCN and Virginia Rondeel.

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Apart from our in-house repair department, we have launched a personalization and repair workshop in our flagship store in Bilbao. We wish to increase such initiatives.

We wish to increase such initiatives.


Joining forces to make it happen

Only by collaborating with each other can small enterprises achieve big things.

We are proud members of Textile Exchange.


Our partnership with KOOPERA and Circular Systems allows us to be present at all stages of a totally circular production, including recycling. We transform waste into a resource.

Dynamic collaborations, sharing ideas with like-mindedbrands and participating in numerous work groups, conferences and events allow us to bring about a shift in mentalities, raise awareness and promote change.